Cats Never Lose!

…just ask them!

Anyone who has ever had a cat know – they NEVER lose!

Cats are always doing exactly what they want to – even if it’s by accident!

No, I MEANT to run into that wall. Yes, I MEANT to fall off the table!

So here’ s cat who is about to lose the checker game – another excellent design by Tux. What’s the cat thinking? Come up with your own caption!

Lady’s Baby Doll Fitted

Basic Dark Tshirt

Lady’s Petite Tshirt

Basic Tshirt

Kids Sweatshirt

Infant Creeper

Kids Tshirt

Infant Tshirt

Postcard – Portait

Postcard – Landscape

Mugs – from Classic White to Aluminum Travel – Design in the center

Doggie Tee

Mugs – from Classic White to Aluminum Travel – design next to the handle

Aprons – various sizes

iPhone 3 skin

iPad Case

iPhone 4 skin

Small / Large Round Sticker

MORE stickers

Kids Dark Tshirt

Infant Organic Creeper


Greeting Card – write your own greeting!

Greeting Card – Portrait orientation

Pinback buttons – round or square!

Basic Button Keychain

Basic BUtton Keychain 2

Refrigerator Magnet – various sizes, with room to add your own comment

Refrigerator Magnet – closeup view

Trucker Hat / Baseball cap

Canvas Tote Bag – various sizes and styles available!


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