Multiclock – Mugs, tshirts, cards, ties, oh my!

Now the famous Tux Multiclock is available in a whole slew of products – tshirts, sweatshirts, even refrigerator magents and iPhone skins!

Does Anybody REALLY know what time it is?

Multiple Clocks in a unique overlaid perspective give this design a cool look. It’s simple, yet intriguing! Go ahead – STARE AT IT AWHILE!
Note Cards – Horizontal, Vertical
Round Stickers – Full picture, Closeup
iPhone skins – iPhone 3, iPhone 4
Coffee Mugs – Design in Center, Design close to the handle – sizes from the “classic white” mug to an aluminum travel mug
Wouldn’t your Dog look cute with a Multiclock doggie tshirt?
Aprons – in three sizes, three colors
This design really makes a verrrry cool Necktie!
Tote Bag – from tiny to jumbo, and even organic!
Refrigerator Magnet – Full Picture, Closeup
Keychain – Full picture, Closeup – several different sizes and styles available!
Buttons – several different shapes and sizes available!
and even Greeting Cards: Horizontal, Vertical

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