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72 Hour Gaming Marathon Raising Money For Rocking H Ranch

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – February 22, 2012 – On Friday, March 8th at 6PM CST (GMT -6) TheSpeedGamers, a group of gamers from Arlington, Texas, will begin another 72 hour Spring gaming marathon for charity. The group has raised over $381,000 for various charities and causes since it was formed in 2008 including; Japan Relief, Gulf Restoration, Susan G. Komen, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These charities directly help support those in need and help fund research towards cures for various debilitating diseases. The marathon will cover one of Capcom’s most popular series, Mega Man.

This marathon TheSpeedGamers will be raising money for the Rocking-H-Ranch (http://www.rockingh.net), who will split the money to support four other charities: Backpacks for Kids (http://www.rushcreek.org/), Paws for Reflection Ranch (http://www.pawsforreflectionranch.org), Tara Sawyer Foundation (http://www.tarasawyer.org), and Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation (http://www.trentsretreat.org). 100% of donations will go directly to Rocking H Ranch to be split amongst the four other charities. Most major payment types are accepted and can be sent via TheSpeedGamers’ homepage.

TheSpeedGamers’ MegaMan Marathon is a three-day charity drive that is broadcasted live online. The marathon will last 72 hours. The group encourages donations through great gameplay, commentary, contests, and prize incentives. TheSpeedGamers have featured many huge Internet personalities such as YouTube’s famous Let’s Players, ChuggaaConroy, and ProtonJon. During the event, viewers can chat directly with the team via IRC chat, or social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the event live on the web at http://www.thespeedgamers.com beginning March 8th at 6 PM CST.

A personal note from the HST guys:
This is indeed legit, and an excellent [not to mention creative!] way to raise funds for a variety of excellent causes!


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