iPhone 4 case – Hamster with Bazooka – Make My Day!

You know you want to encase your iPhone 4/4s in this very cool case with a Bazooka-totin’ hamster guarding the gatekeeper to your electronic life!


Go ahead – pick up a spare while you’re at it! […]

Pay your bills with the Annoyed Cat

Yes, you can now pay your bills with a classic Untuxable design, the Annoyed Cat. Yes, it’s legal! You can get a variety of denominations – the stamps come 20 to a sheet. You can even get postcards with the Annoyed Cat postage already printed on them, in a variety of sizes!


QUICK – […]

Cats Never Lose!

…just ask them!

Anyone who has ever had a cat know – they NEVER lose! Cats are always doing exactly what they want to – even if it’s by accident!

No, I MEANT to run into that wall. Yes, I MEANT to fall off the table!

So here’ s cat […]

Cats Never Lose – and now they get MAILED! Postage!!!!

Yes, you can now get official US postage stamps with the fabulous annoyed cat design on it, in a variety of denominations!

20 stamps per sheet. Choose from seven postage denominations: $0.29: Postcards. $0.44: First-class, 1 oz. mailings. $0.64: 1 oz. mailings, unusual shapes. $0.64: 2 oz. mailings. $0.84: 2 oz. mailings, […]

Wouldn’t it be great to put a Cat on your Dog?

Wouldn’t it be great to put a Cat on your Dog? Especially if it had an epic HamSandwichTees.com design on it. Try putting the Annoyed Cat on your dog and watch people smile when they glance down at your pooch!

Brighten up your day with HamSandwichTees.com!


Cats Never Lose – add your own text!

Customize your own “Angry Cat” mug

Click to view the mug, and then click the CUSTOMIZE it button. You’ll be able to change the text & font & color & even the position before placing your order!

Customizable Angry Cat Mug by HamSandwichMugs

Get […]



Angry Hamster ….. ??? by hamsandwichtees Browse other Hamster T-Shirts


Be afraid…Be very Afraid

What would YOU do if an angry hamster [complete with a bazooka] just appeared in front of you? Find out how OTHER people would react by wearing another hamster […]

Hamsters with Attitudes….and Sunglasses!

Nothing is cuter than small furry mammals…. unless they are holding a Bazooka or Grenade Launcher!


This design was created by the ever-popular Tux for the Speed Gamers. We liked it so much we decided to throw it up here on the HamSandwichTees store so the whole planet can enjoy this hand drawn […]

Don’t mess with the Hamster!

Do you like small furry creatures?

Do you like massive weapons of mass destruction?

Then you should get several items with this graphic on it! You’ll be the envy of …… well, somebody! Untuxable (“Tux”, for short) will certainly appreciate you picking up several!

We even have a customizable version available – […]