Hipster Gamer Stuff Galore!

Hipster Gamer: You remember the days of the atari, when your only tools were a joystick and a big red button. You don’t need a fancy controller with 25 buttons; you want the good ‘ol days!

Here’s your chance to pick up quite a few items – surround yourself with the self confidence that […]

I’m Not Crazy!

You draw in the margins of your notes, you make spirals in the ground whenever possible, and your mind is constantly in the clouds, dreaming up a new creation. Some might call you crazy, but you know the truth:

art is always on your mind.

Really, Officer, it’s true…..



Resistance is Futile… Mr. Bigglesworth strikes again!

Resistance is Futile

You’re sitting at the table. Focused on the delicious meal before you, you pick up the gleaming silver fork and knife. As you move the utensils towards the food, you feel a disturbance; a black wave of desperation washes over you. Fearing the worst, you look down at […]

MacBook Air/iPad Sleeves

Did you get a new MacBook Air for Graduation? Protect it with one of our excellent Air Sleeves!

A slim line sleeve with super protection. Made with water resistant fabrics and an ultra-plush padded liner, this sleeve delivers protection while beautifully displaying your artwork and text. Made in San Francisco, CA with a focus on […]

MacBook Pro Sleeves – graduation present?

Protect that new graduate’s MacBook Pro with one of these excellent laptop sleeves.

Made with water resistant fabrics and an ultra-plush padded liner, this sleeve provides the ultimate level of protection while beautifully displaying custom artwork, designs, and text. Made from scratch in San Francisco with a focus on environmentally sustainable manufacturing, the Rickshaw 15” […]

Cats Never Lose poster

…….or do they?

Apparently this cat is about the get the short end of the stick, and is NOT happy about it! Put this excellent Untuxable design on your wall and give your cat a dose of reality…and perhaps even make your dog smile!

Cats Never Lose! by HamSandwichArt


Mutliclock mousepad

Your computer has multiple CPUS – why shouldn’t your desk have multiple timepieces?

Another unique untuxable design – the multiclock has several timepieces from different eras overlaid that make a very cool look. Go ahead – stare at it a while!

Multiclock Mousepad by HamSandwichCPU See more Timepiece Mousepads

Protect your mouse and desk from […]

Oh, look…it’s a HAM SANDWICH!

Sez the ubuitous Untuxable:

“I don’t know how this wasn’t the first product we made, but be sure that it won’t be the last.”

Click the graphic to see what’s available!


I Heart Baseball… No Reason Needed! Hat

I Heart Baseball – No Reason Needed Hat No Explanation Needed either! Click the hat and place your order. Show your love for America’s REAL game. i Heart Baseball – No Reason Needed Hat by HamSandwichHats

100% polyester foam front Wide area to feature your design 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool Adjustable from […]

I Heart Baseball mousepad

Show your love for America’s REAL pasttime!

I Heart Baseball Mousepad by HamSandwichCPU

Create a custom mousepad for home and office! Decorate your desk – looks great and protects your mouse from scratches and debris.

9.25″ x 7.75″ – Perfect for any desk or work space. Quality, full-color printing. Durable cloth cover is […]