Got a daughter? You need this one!

She is your daughter. You’ve raised her for the entirety of her life, and, thanks to the Bill of Rights, you have the right to defend her with a beautifully crafted shotgun. Also thanks to the Bill of Rights, you have to right to broadcast this fact on a snazzy shirt or cap. So pick […]

You’ve been mugged, but prefer a hat? We’ve got you covered!

Yet another deliberate pun from the HST guys.

The “Mugged Life” tshirt design has been pretty popular, but we had some requests for some baseball caps with this design… now you can sport some fancy headwear stating the obvious:

that you’ve been Mugged.



Just […]

The Coolest Penguin that ever was

Most penguins can slide, swim, and sometimes dance. But very few know how to relax like this boss of the South Pole.


Fan on, martini in hand, he slips into his chilled pool of solitude, fully prepared to do whatever necessary in order to exert as little energy as possible.

Hmmmmm…. […]