Human Duct Tape for your iPhone 4/4s!

Human Duct Tape – iPhone 4/4s case

Don’t you just love being an enigma? Watch people’s reaction as they try to figure out what the heck this means……and whether you are wearing any duct tape! Lots of fun!

Human Duct Tape – iPhone 4/4s case Click the case and place your […]

Hipster Gamer Stuff Galore!

Hipster Gamer: You remember the days of the atari, when your only tools were a joystick and a big red button. You don’t need a fancy controller with 25 buttons; you want the good ‘ol days!

Here’s your chance to pick up quite a few items – surround yourself with the self confidence that […]

I’m Not Crazy!

You draw in the margins of your notes, you make spirals in the ground whenever possible, and your mind is constantly in the clouds, dreaming up a new creation. Some might call you crazy, but you know the truth:

art is always on your mind.

Really, Officer, it’s true…..



Oh, look…it’s a HAM SANDWICH!

Sez the ubuitous Untuxable:

“I don’t know how this wasn’t the first product we made, but be sure that it won’t be the last.”

Click the graphic to see what’s available!


Human Duct Tape: iphone 4 case

No one knows what it means – but it’ll sure start some conversations [or at least get people wondering!] Freshen up that old iPhone – make people think you actually sprang for a new one!

Another Quality design


Human Duct Tape iPhone 4/4s case by HamSandwichistuff


iPhone 5 case: new design, very cool

Well, you just got the snazzy new iPhone 5. Good for you. Now you need something to protect your investment, something like a case. Y’know, like this case. The one with the 5 on it. Yeah, that one, right there. Doesn’t that look cool? I think so. I think you think so too. Yeah, totally. […]

iPhone 4/4s case: I Heart Baseball!

There’s even room to add your own pithy comment – just click the “customize” button!

I Heart Baseball iPhone 4/4s case CLICK HERE!

iPhone 4 case – Hamster with Bazooka – Make My Day!

You know you want to encase your iPhone 4/4s in this very cool case with a Bazooka-totin’ hamster guarding the gatekeeper to your electronic life!


Go ahead – pick up a spare while you’re at it! […]