Multiclock – Mugs, tshirts, cards, ties, oh my!

Now the famous Tux Multiclock is available in a whole slew of products – tshirts, sweatshirts, even refrigerator magents and iPhone skins!

Does Anybody REALLY know what time it is? Multiple Clocks in a unique overlaid perspective give this design a cool look. It’s simple, yet intriguing! Go ahead – STARE AT IT AWHILE! […]

Cats Never Lose – and now they get MAILED! Postage!!!!

Yes, you can now get official US postage stamps with the fabulous annoyed cat design on it, in a variety of denominations!

20 stamps per sheet. Choose from seven postage denominations: $0.29: Postcards. $0.44: First-class, 1 oz. mailings. $0.64: 1 oz. mailings, unusual shapes. $0.64: 2 oz. mailings. $0.84: 2 oz. mailings, […]

Tote ’em Tote ’em Tote ’em, Get Them Dogies Rollin……

Deliberately Bad Puns are a speciality. But enough about us…… here are all of our designs on quality tote bags. There are a variety of sizes and types available – just click on a design and make your selection.

Each one is also CUSTOMIZABLE with your own material – graphics, text, etc – so […]

Human Duct Tape???????

Ever had one of those days when all the bad stuff just seems to stick to you? Well, proclaim your predicament for all to see with a shirt or mug or case or apron or sticker or postcasrd or whatever, all featuring this snazzy design!

So what types of high quality stuff has […]

Hamsters with Attitudes….and Sunglasses!

Nothing is cuter than small furry mammals…. unless they are holding a Bazooka or Grenade Launcher!


This design was created by the ever-popular Tux for the Speed Gamers. We liked it so much we decided to throw it up here on the HamSandwichTees store so the whole planet can enjoy this hand drawn […]