I’ve been Mugged! … er… mug

I’ve Been Mugged!

Admit it. You think it’s funny.

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You’ve been mugged, but prefer a hat? We’ve got you covered!

Yet another deliberate pun from the HST guys.

The “Mugged Life” tshirt design has been pretty popular, but we had some requests for some baseball caps with this design…..so now you can sport some fancy headwear stating the obvious:

that you’ve been Mugged.



Just […]

Have you been Mugged?

Look man, I didn’t choose to live in the bad cupboard; it just happened that way.

You resist it at first, but it starts gnawing away at your will like a rabid chinchilla on a stale block of cheese.

After you a while, you just go with it. You start hanging around with […]

I’ve Been Mugged!

Pick up three of these – make a statement at the office!


Another Creative design by UnTuxable – you really need a few of these on your desk!