Multiclock Mug

It’s the Untuxable’s design “Multiclock” – each mug has THREE copies of the multiclock [ there’s not a straight line on it!]….and each copy has THREE timepieces in it. See if you can find them all!

Click the mug to see all of the colors and mugs and coffecups that are available. There are several!


Multiclock Hat

The next time someone asks you what time it is, just point to your head.

You might also walk away laughing maniacally. That’ll make ’em wonder!

100% polyester foam front Wide area to feature your design 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool Adjustable from 17″ to 24″ Available in 11 […]

Mutliclock mousepad

Your computer has multiple CPUS – why shouldn’t your desk have multiple timepieces?

Another unique untuxable design – the multiclock has several timepieces from different eras overlaid that make a very cool look. Go ahead – stare at it a while!

Multiclock Mousepad by HamSandwichCPU See more Timepiece Mousepads

Protect your mouse and desk from […]

Multiclock Laptop Sleeve


Multiclock Laptop Sleeve Three different timepieces in an unusual design by UnTuxable.

Protect your laptop with a custom laptop sleeve. Made with 100% neoprene, these lightweight and water resistant sleeves look great with your photos, text, or designs. Great for travel or just day-to-day use, custom laptop sleeves come in three sizes to […]

Multiclock – Mugs, tshirts, cards, ties, oh my!

Now the famous Tux Multiclock is available in a whole slew of products – tshirts, sweatshirts, even refrigerator magents and iPhone skins!

Does Anybody REALLY know what time it is? Multiple Clocks in a unique overlaid perspective give this design a cool look. It’s simple, yet intriguing! Go ahead – STARE AT IT AWHILE! […]

MultiClock – Poster!

Does anybody REALLY know what time it is?

With this poster you’ll be asking the same question that the band Chicago did all those years ago.

The Multiclock is another unTuxable design with timepieces from 3 different eras overlaid onto each other. It’s a cool design sure to keep your eyes busy finding the eye […]