Cats Never Lose poster

…….or do they?

Apparently this cat is about the get the short end of the stick, and is NOT happy about it! Put this excellent Untuxable design on your wall and give your cat a dose of reality…and perhaps even make your dog smile!

Cats Never Lose! by HamSandwichArt


Is This Art? poster

Asks the possibly unanswerable question. So pop this up on your wall and start some conversations!

Available in a variety of sizes, papers, and even with frames! Click the graphic to see all the possibilities!

Is This Art? Poster by HamSandwichArt […]

Does anybody REALLY know what time it is? Multiclock poster


Art by the inimitable UNTUXABLE – a design with timepieces from three different eras overlaid onto each other. The longer you look at is the more interesting it is!

So pick up a few posters and make your life more interesting! Available with a variety of papers, sizes, and even frames.

Multiclock! […]

Human Duct Tape poster

We still don’t know what this means….. but it’s one of our best sellers!

Available in a variety of sizes, papers, and even frames – click the graphic to see all the options!

Human Duct Tape by HamSandwichArt […]

Executionless Talent is wasted poster

Executionless Talent is wasted!

Things a teacher wants to tell their students……now let your wall say it for you!

Available in a variety of papers and sizes – and even FRAMES are available!

Executionless Talent is wasted by HamSandwichArt Browse Music Posters […]

Hamsters with Attitudes….and Sunglasses!

Nothing is cuter than small furry mammals…. unless they are holding a Bazooka or Grenade Launcher!


This design was created by the ever-popular Tux for the Speed Gamers. We liked it so much we decided to throw it up here on the HamSandwichTees store so the whole planet can enjoy this hand drawn […]