Go Practice! hat

Hey, Music teachers…..wear a hat that constantly reminds your students of what they should be doing.

Nag them without saying a word…maybe they’ll actually go practice!

Oh, sometimes the truth doth weigh heavy on the head at times……

100% polyester foam front Wide area to feature your design 100% nylon mesh […]

Music teachers – your students are coming!

Get several of these mousepads – use them for inspiration or ammunition so they’ll [hopefully] practice!

Truer words were never spoken……

Talent Without Execution Mousepad by HamSandwichCPU

Protect your mouse and desk from scratches and debris.

9.25″ x 7.75″ – Perfect for any desk or work space. Quality, full-color printing. Durable […]

Executionless Talent is wasted poster

Executionless Talent is wasted!

Things a teacher wants to tell their students……now let your wall say it for you!

Available in a variety of papers and sizes – and even FRAMES are available!

Executionless Talent is wasted by HamSandwichArt Browse Music Posters […]

Talent without Execution….

A good reminder to all working & aspiring artists! Ahhhh….the truth has never been more painful! All of us have seen people who were immensely talented, but who didn’t want to put in the work to make it happen. And we’ve ALL had days where you just wanted to coast along on your talent because […]