About Us

Who are we?

HamSandwichTees.com is a project created and run by a couple of divergently-aged but creative people who believe that seeing something you like on a tshirt, mug, baby bib, hat, or bumpersticker can really brighten up a your day – especially if it’s well done. Check out all the products available, most easily done by pressing the “See everything we make,” button on the homepage. If you would like to tell us something, good or bad, then shoot us a comment, and tell us what we’re doing right/wrong. We appreciate all suggestions and criticism!

We will never ever give away /sell / divulge / print out / write down any personal info you might give us. That’s a promise.

Granted, we don’t ask for any data from you in the first place.

We just thought we’d mention it.

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