Mail your Christmas Cards with the Annoyed Cat

…or even your bills!

Mail the Annoyed Cat to your favorite friend, enemy, or utility! Another classic untuxable creation! Make each letter a special delivery – Put a personal touch on your mail, or share this useful gift with friends and family. Fits especially well on greeting card or RSVP envelopes.

Landscape: 2.1″ x 1.3″ […]

The Annoyed Cat on a Hat

Annoyed Cat on a Hat Carry around the Annoyed Cat on your head. Customize the design so the cat says whatever you WANT him to say – and the poor feline can do NOTHING about it!

100% polyester foam front Wide area to feature your design 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool […]

Resistance is Futile… Mr. Bigglesworth strikes again!

Resistance is Futile

You’re sitting at the table. Focused on the delicious meal before you, you pick up the gleaming silver fork and knife. As you move the utensils towards the food, you feel a disturbance; a black wave of desperation washes over you. Fearing the worst, you look down at […]

Cats Never Lose poster

…….or do they?

Apparently this cat is about the get the short end of the stick, and is NOT happy about it! Put this excellent Untuxable design on your wall and give your cat a dose of reality…and perhaps even make your dog smile!

Cats Never Lose! by HamSandwichArt


The Annoyed Cat loses at Checkers [Again!]

Ya gotta LOVE IT when the Cat loses!

Protect your laptop with a custom laptop sleeve. Made with 100% neoprene, these lightweight and water resistant sleeves look great with your photos, text, or designs. Great for travel or just day-to-day use, custom laptop sleeves come in three sizes to fit your device and […]

Cats Never Lose!

…just ask them!

Anyone who has ever had a cat know – they NEVER lose! Cats are always doing exactly what they want to – even if it’s by accident!

No, I MEANT to run into that wall. Yes, I MEANT to fall off the table!

So here’ s cat […]

Cats Never Lose – and now they get MAILED! Postage!!!!

Yes, you can now get official US postage stamps with the fabulous annoyed cat design on it, in a variety of denominations!

20 stamps per sheet. Choose from seven postage denominations: $0.29: Postcards. $0.44: First-class, 1 oz. mailings. $0.64: 1 oz. mailings, unusual shapes. $0.64: 2 oz. mailings. $0.84: 2 oz. mailings, […]

Cats Never Lose – add your own text!

Customize your own “Angry Cat” mug

Click to view the mug, and then click the CUSTOMIZE it button. You’ll be able to change the text & font & color & even the position before placing your order!

Customizable Angry Cat Mug by HamSandwichMugs

Get […]