Human Duct Tape for your iPhone 4/4s!

Human Duct Tape – iPhone 4/4s case

Don’t you just love being an enigma? Watch people’s reaction as they try to figure out what the heck this means……and whether you are wearing any duct tape! Lots of fun!

Human Duct Tape – iPhone 4/4s case Click the case and place your […]

Human Duct Tape Hat

“Human Duct Tape” makes people ask questions……”What does that mean?“ We suggest you come up with your own answers!

Human Duct Tape Hat by HamSandwichHats Click the hat and place your order! […]

Human Duct Tape mousepad

We still don’t know what this means.

We also don’t know why it’s one of our best sellers!

Human Duct Tape Mousepad by HamSandwichCPU

Protect your mouse and desk from scratches and debris.

9.25″ x 7.75″ – Perfect for any desk or work space. Quality, full-color printing. Durable cloth cover […]

Human Duct Tape poster

We still don’t know what this means….. but it’s one of our best sellers!

Available in a variety of sizes, papers, and even frames – click the graphic to see all the options!

Human Duct Tape by HamSandwichArt […]

Human Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve…whaaaaaat?

Human Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve Be original…just like everyone else!

Human Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop with a custom laptop sleeve. Made with 100% neoprene, these lightweight and water resistant sleeves look great with your photos, text, or designs. Great for travel or just day-to-day use, custom laptop sleeves come […]

Human Duct Tape: iphone 4 case

No one knows what it means – but it’ll sure start some conversations [or at least get people wondering!] Freshen up that old iPhone – make people think you actually sprang for a new one!

Another Quality design


Human Duct Tape iPhone 4/4s case by HamSandwichistuff


Human Duct Tape???????

Ever had one of those days when all the bad stuff just seems to stick to you? Well, proclaim your predicament for all to see with a shirt or mug or case or apron or sticker or postcasrd or whatever, all featuring this snazzy design!

So what types of high quality stuff has […]