Multiclock Mug

It’s the Untuxable’s design “Multiclock” – each mug has THREE copies of the multiclock [ there’s not a straight line on it!]….and each copy has THREE timepieces in it. See if you can find them all!

Click the mug to see all of the colors and mugs and coffecups that are available. There are several!


Is This Art? Mug / Coffeecup

Asks the perennial question in a snazzy high quality coffee mug. You can use this same design on several different coffee mug styles, and even make it your own with some custom text.

Customize away!

This design came from the leftover “parts’ from Untuxable’s Multiclock art.

Is This Art? Mug by HamSandwichMugs Click […]

I Heart Baseball MUG

I heart Baseball – TWICE! – Mugs

Just in case they don’t get the message, here’s a mug featuring the Uncluttered Untuxable’s design declaring a love for THE game. Pick up several – you can add your own message to this mug by click the “Customize it” button.

SEVERAL types and sizes […]

I’ve been Mugged! … er… mug

I’ve Been Mugged!

Admit it. You think it’s funny.

Wide variety of Coffeecup types, sizes, and styles are available. CLICK HERE to see all the possibilities!


Feel the Open Ocean breeze while sipping your coffee…..

The open ocean; no fish, no plants, just endless water stretching on out forever…….. It’s a very calming scene, and one that you can now have on a coffee mug! Plus, you can pretend you’re drinking ocean water, but without all that nasty salt.

These are available in a wide variety of mug styles, types, […]

You’ve been mugged, but prefer a hat? We’ve got you covered!

Yet another deliberate pun from the HST guys.

The “Mugged Life” tshirt design has been pretty popular, but we had some requests for some baseball caps with this design… now you can sport some fancy headwear stating the obvious:

that you’ve been Mugged.



Just […]

Have you been Mugged?

Look man, I didn’t choose to live in the bad cupboard; it just happened that way.

You resist it at first, but it starts gnawing away at your will like a rabid chinchilla on a stale block of cheese.

After you a while, you just go with it. You start hanging around with […]

I’ve Been Mugged!

Pick up three of these – make a statement at the office!


Another Creative design by UnTuxable – you really need a few of these on your desk!

Beverage Transport Devices from

C’mon – you don’t want to carry around your [insert name of beverage here] in ANY old coffeemug.

Gee, did you have ANY idea where that thing has been? What would your Momma say?

Pick up a fresh NEW carry container with an epic design on it. You’ll feel fresher, and your […]